Regina and Saskatoon police trial mental health app in cruisers

Regina and Saskatoon police are piloting a mental health app in their patrol cars. This 6 month project is aimed to determine if one is in crisis, and if in crisis, what kind of help they may need. Installed on each patrol car's laptop, when patrol members arrive at a call, they can use HealthIM to evaluate a person's mental state. However, this app is inteded to direct for a better understanding, rather than to give a clinical diagnosis. ON a scale from 1 to 10, the app will determine the urgency of one's current state, which will help the officers have a better understanding of their next course of action. As mental health becomes a more prominent, and a widely recognized health concern, more judicial and practical adjustments are being made, and this initiative by the Regina and Saskatoon police are important ones. 

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