What is WalkAlong?

WalkAlong isn't your typical mental health website. We are a community where young Canadians can explore their mental health amongst their peers. At WalkAlong we believe wellness comes from empowerment and we like to see WalkAlong as a companion; someone to walk along with you during your journey to better mental health. This portal is a Canadian-based mental health resource that also provides information and links to existing mental health care resources for friends & family members.  

Ongoing consultation with young Canadians and expert health care professionals guarantees the continued development of a cutting-edge, robust, comprehensive, and appropriate web resource. We hope that WalkAlong will support you and your support network in taking a more empowering role in the managing your well being. 

The WalkAlong team is a group of researchers and practitioners led by Dr. Michael Krausz, located at the University of British Columbia. Funding for WalkAlong was generously provided through Bell Canada's Let's Talk Initative. Find out more about our mission statement here.

What's in the Website?

For users with an account on WalkAlong:

Life Chart: A place for you to track your mental health over time - your mood, exercise, sleep, and ther areas of life. 

Locker: Somewhere to store or share the resources, links, videos, and artwork that help you cope.

For everyone:

Assessment: Somewhere where you can see if you might be struggling with depression or anxiety.
Blog: We keep you updated on the development process and how everything is coming along.

  • Mind Steps: Small steps you can take to help you through the day.
  • Newsroom: A selection of some of the latest news about mental health and research.
  • Links: Links to other resources and professionals.​ 
  • Self-Help Exercises: Resources for you to cope. 
  • Experiences: You are not alone. Hear the stories and experiences of others.
  • Encyclopedia: Somewhere for you to find reliable information about mental illness and treatment options.