Posted by Marisha Boyd
January 15, 2021

We are excited to announce that WalkAlong will now have content on COVID-19,  how to stay safe, and how to take care of your mental health during this time. We hope this content helps you take care... Read more

Posted by Admin @Walkalong
March 8, 2018

For as long as competitive sports have been around, athletes have been the staple for both phsyical and mental strength. However, this synonymity with strength has in turn created an atmosphere in... Read more

Posted by Nick @WalkAlong
December 2, 2016

WalkAlong December 2016 Update: You're probably wondering, what happened to #MHToolkit? Don't worry, we're here to provide you a good explanation! WalkAlong has undergone some structural changes in... Read more

Posted by Nick @WalkAlong
June 24, 2016

The WalkAlong team would like to thank everyone for their engagement with the #SPOTLIGHT campaign this past week. We received a lot of positive feedback on the topics we promoted for each YouTuber,... Read more

Posted by John @WalkAlong
February 15, 2016

Are you struggling with mental health concerns? Do you want to chat with someone? If so, then YOUTHSPACE is a great place to go. Get in touch with their trained peer support workers at http://... Read more

Posted by John @WalkAlong
January 4, 2016

  We want your help in building a new trauma application for young people. Participate in this short study and help us build new solutions, and you'll also receive $10! Send an email to fchoi@cheos.... Read more

Posted by John @WalkAlong
December 10, 2015

CALLING ALL UBC STUDENTS! We would like to invite you to take part in our 10-min online survey. There are plans to expand mental health services at UBC and integrate them using an online platform... Read more

Posted by John @WalkAlong
September 11, 2015

Check out the trailer for this great UBC initiative! More information coming soon.

Posted by John @WalkAlong
September 8, 2015
e-mental health conference save the date

Save the date for our5th Annual e-Mental Health Conference:Youth e-Mental Health - new ways of caring Few people were able to predict the far-reaching consequences of the personal computer and the... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
June 20, 2014

1. New Mind Steps display and functionality In response to your helpful feedback we have made a few changes to the Mind Steps page. Hovering over a Mind Step now gives you a short description, and... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
May 7, 2014

WalkAlong With MeWe are pleased to announce that WalkAlong now has WalkAlong With Me, a section of the website directed towards the friends and family members of youth with mental health problems. At... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
April 23, 2014

In response to your helpful feedback we have added Self Help Exercises to the Explore section of the WalkAlong website. Here you can find a variety of research-supported self help exercises such as... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
March 31, 2014

In the feedback we have received, both beta testers and members of the WalkAlong Advisory Committee have identified information about eating disorders as an important feature to add to the WalkAlong... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
March 28, 2014

In response to your helpful feedback about WalkAlong, we set out to implement a number of features to improve the website. We're very happy to announce that the following features are now live on... Read more

Posted by Felicia @WalkAlong
March 5, 2014

Wish that your LifeChart and Locker were an app so you could use it on the go? Follow these instructions to add a website bookmark to your home screen – it’s basically an app without all that hard... Read more