The Genesis - Where to Begin?

One thing we’ve learned about website development through this project is that it is NEVER a linear path, and there are always great ideas flying all over the place. Often it has been referred to as a “moving target”, which sums it up nicely.  There is obviously content that was easy for the researchers to identify from the beginning – things like mood screeners, existing information, available on-the-ground resources, and existing self-help tools.  The group had a pretty solid idea of what they wanted to put into the website, so the next logical step was to build a sitemap and build a vision statement to organize the content and to begin the elements of building the brand.

(Sitemap Below) 

One of the key benefits of this website is that it intends to provide young people with a long-term relationship with their own mental health – a portal they can visit in order to be able to monitor their moods and behaviors, share media & stories with others, and broaden their opportunities to communicate with each other and with relevant health professionals through a host of communication tools.  Unlike someone who has a health problem and performs an internet search in order to find a quick fix, this web site will aim to give youth continuous, interactive feedback, as reflected in the website’s current identified mission, vision, and values:

Vision:  To empower all youth to take control of their own mental health.

Mission:  Provide evidence-based mental health solutions using the best of new technologies to improve accessibility, quality, and capacity of mental health care.


  • Expertise: Treatment and support should e based on evidence, expert opinion, and testimonials (lived experiences)
  • Empathy: The most effective care starts with listening, understanding, accepting, and respecting the individual
  • Empowerment: When in the driver’s seat and treated with empathy, a person can and should build on their own strengths while accessing other expertise and experiences through a supportive community and trustworthy health professionals