WAC Advisory Meeting #2 Featured Discussion- Mindsteps for Walking Along

We continue to advance! Today’s WAC meeting honed in on one of our prototype features that we are calling Mindsteps. These are small, digestible steps paired with pictures designed to give day-to-day suggestions for improving mental wellness.

 Here is an example of a Mindstep we brought to the group:

Some feedback we received from the WAC reflected above included the following suggestions:

  • Bullet points make the messages more available
  • Of the Mindstep photos chosen, images without people were preferable, but above all the image should be relevant and remind the reader of the tip
  • Keep the wording positive, but not too suggestive (e.g. stay away from phrases like “may bring you relief”)
  • The user should be able to “favourite” a tip and keep an individualized data base where they can cycle through them, add their own ideas and share tips with others.