What's new on WalkAlong? Updates to Mind Steps, Assessments and the Locker

1. New Mind Steps display and functionality

In response to your helpful feedback we have made a few changes to the Mind Steps page. Hovering over a Mind Step now gives you a short description, and clicking a Mind Step opens a pop-up screen through which you can scroll through all the mind steps, one-by-one. Take a look at the new Mind Steps layout here!

2. Post links in the Locker

You can now post links to other websites in the Locker, which shows a preview of the website as well as the URL.

3. Tagging and viewing Dark and Stormy posts

Posts that are perceived as potentially upsetting or triggering to others are tagged as Dark and Stormy. WalkAlong by default does not show Dark and Stormy posts, but you can filter them yourself on most of the website pages and features, such as the Locker and Experiences.

You can also tag your own posts as Dark and Stormy when you upload new content in your Locker.

4. View past Assessments

Have you wanted to track your progress as you journey towards better mental health? Now you can. Registered users are now able to view their past assessments to see their progress over time. Just click Assessments >> View your previous assessment results.

5. MoodGYM review

Our team has worked through the MoodGym online CBT program and put together a review for you. You can find it here!

*Please note that WalkAlong does not have any affiliation with MoodGYM. This post is not meant to be a promotion of MoodGYM, but rather an objective overview of the program in order for you to make an informed decision. 

What else do you want to see on WalkAlong? Contact us at, we'd love to hear from you!