Male celebrities are redefining masculinity, and mental health

Mental health and masculinity has always been a conflicting topic that had little to no exposure in mainstream emdia. However, there has been a shift where high profile male celebrities have come out and professed their struggles with mental health too. Especially, the first half of 2018 has seen outpour of celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Terry Crews, Dwayne Johnson, and athletes such as Kevin Love, and Michael Phelps candidly sharing their own battles with mental health. This cultural shift is important because it allows to help shrink the pervasive and toxic stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illnesses. Also these figures have also helped to debunk the powerful misconception that mental health issues prevent a person from being successful. These male celebrities are moving the mental health conversation to a more inclusive and inviting place, where everyone, regardless of gender, can feel comfortable sharing and seeking help for their mental health issues. 

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