Our 3 Favorite Bell Let’s Talk Testimonials


1. Michael Landsberg


In this heartfelt video, Michael Landsberg, Canadian sports journalist speaks out about Depression and the importance of being there to talk with someone in need of support.  This video is the perfect embodiment of the message that Bell Let’s Talk puts forth in their campaign – the immense impact that seeking help for and breaking silence about mental illness can have. Landsberg describes a powerful moment in his life where he was able to talk one of his fans out of suicide, over email.  This story represents how a seemingly small act of caring and support can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.  





2. Howie Mandel


Many of you have probably heard before about Deal or No Deal host  Howie Mandel’s infamous “germaphobia”. However, not many have stopped to think past the absurdity and jokes that stem from it, and considered the suffering that Howie must endure on a daily basis. In this video, Howie speaks out about his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in a novel way that may end up changing your perspective on people with similar challenges.




3. Clara Hughes


For those that don’t know her, Clara Hughes is a 6-time Canadian Olympic medal winner in cycling and speed skating. Clara is also a mental health advocate for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, where she has spoken up about her experiences with depression. In this clip, Clara stresses the importance of listening, rather than talking, when a friend is struggling. As much as we want to give advice and direction, sometimes it is equally as important to just be able to sit down with a friend and hear their story.