Reducing anxiety in a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic may cause you to feel stressed, fearful and anxious. These feelings might lead to a lack of sleep, poor appetite and a lack of productivity. Here are some ways to reduce these feelings.

1. Practice mindfulness and meditation

See this link for more information on these techniques. These can help you to focus and feel less overwhelmed.

2. Be aware of your news consumption

It is important to stay up to date with the news. However, hearing about negative events in the media can cause you to feel hopeless, pessimistic or anxious. Try limiting the amount of time you spend consuming news and make sure you only follow reliable news sources. If current news is making you feel anxious, try asking a friend or family member to relay important information to you instead.

3. Establish a sleep schedule

It can be easy to have poor sleep patterns when you spend all of your time at home and have no plans to see others. However, poor sleep can lead to negative emotions like anxiety, depression and stress. Establishing a sleep schedule could include not using screens before bed, waking up at the same time every morning and creating a relaxing sleep environment. 

4. Exercise

Staying active can reduce feelings of anxiety. While it can be hard to get exercise during the pandemic, there are some fun ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine. You can try taking a morning walk, stretching before bed or doing an online exercise video with a friend.