Exam Relaxation Exercise

When you’re feeling anxious over exams, your anxiety can get in the way of your studying. Here is a quick exercise to help you overcome exam anxiety.

Why try this exam relaxation exercise?
Have you ever frozen over an exam? Found yourself unable to recall material during the exam and then recalled everything afterwards? Had trouble focusing on studying before an exam or while answering exam questions because of interfering thoughts? Then you may be experiencing exam anxiety. Exam anxiety is when someone experiences extreme stress, anxiety, and discomfort during and/or before taking a test. These responses can drastically hinder your ability to perform well and in turn lower your self-esteem. 

Follow this audio recording which will guide your through the process. Choose a place where you won’t be interrupted and set aside about 15 minutes to complete this exercise. We recommend doing this exercise whenever you being to feel anxious or stressed about an upcoming exam. 

This exercise was modified and translated by Dr. Saleh from a hypnosis course for relaxation by panic and anxiety for preparing for exams (Dr. N.Göth, German "Lehrtexte für die Hypnoseasubildung im Grundkurs", page 61, 1996)

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