What your loved one may be going through

"And I just accept it, that it is part of who I am, it's not who I am [...] it's not my identity". 

It might be hard to understand what the person you care about is going through; they may be sad, anxious, confused, hopeless, or have thoughts of suicide. Everyone may have these feelings, however for people with mental illness, these emotions may differ in how intense and how often they happen, and interfere with daily life.

Listening to the person you care about can help you to see where they're coming from. It might also be helpful to hear the experience of others who have been in a similar place. These resources below are stories and narratives from others dealing with mental health issues.  

The person you care about may be dealing with stigma from themselves and others as well. As a result, they may become isolated. By being there for them, you are helping to support their well-being. 




Inside WalkAlong

  • Explore our Experiences page, with comments, stories, and videos from youth and others that we've talked with.


Outside Resources

  • Mindyourmind collects stories of youth describing struggles and triumph. 
  • Youngminds, a UK charity, has a "real stories" section to read narratives written by young people. 
  • Watch the following video of university students describing their experiences with depression, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties.