WalkAlong December Update

WalkAlong December 2016 Update:

You're probably wondering, what happened to #MHToolkit? Don't worry, we're here to provide you a good explanation! WalkAlong has undergone some structural changes in terms of how we want to display our mental health tools and resources just this past month.

Our team has collectively decided that it would be best to keep our #MHToolkit hashtag on our social media platforms, so if you have any selfcare tips or tools please feel free to continue using our hashtag! We will stay engaged with the hashtags as they come across our social media platforms. As for our existing #MHToolkit content, we have moved most of our material over to on our 'EXPERIENCES' section. Feel free to check out the hyperlink for more details on our resources. 

The content we will be publishing on our 'EXPERIENCES' section will be featuring people around our office, other organizations who are affiliated to WalkAlong or even people with real and lived experiences dealing with mental health who want to share their tips and tools. Stay tuned for more details on our experiences page!